Where are you located?
I am based out of Waterloo, Ontario but travel all over for work! So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in working together.


We don’t really like having our photos taken? Will it be difficult or awkward?
Honestly, most of my clients tell me this and I always reassure them not to worry! I don’t photograph professional models for a living, I photograph real people! So I will direct you and give ‘gentle coaching’ to achieve those natural looking photos we both love. No cheesiness and rigid poses. All I ask is that you trust me as the director, and let the chemistry
between you and your loved one do the rest!


Do you use other Photographers to shoot your Weddings?
No. I am the one who captures your special day! If you have chosen to book a Collection that includes a second shooter, they will be accompanying me for the day. But I will always be the main Photographer!


Do you have Photography insurance? Do you bring back up equipment/gear?
Yes + Yes!


Which Collection is right for me? How many hours do I need?
The number of hours you will need depends on your day’s itinerary. I specialize in telling the whole story of your wedding – beginning to end, however if you don’t require full day coverage, we can absolutely design the timeline together.
 Contact me to chat and I would be happy to walk through the basic itinerary of your day, and help decide which Collection would best suite your needs.


Do you have an appearance policy/dress code?
Absolutely. My attire on your wedding day is practical in meeting my needs as a photographer, as well as looking professional & stylish. I like to dress as though I were a Wedding guest, and attempt to blend in as much as possible.


How do your payments work? Do we pay everything in advance?
Once you have made the decision to retain my services, I require a 50% retainer in order to hold your Wedding date. The balance of your invoice (including all taxes) is due 4 weeks before your Wedding Day.


Can we get prints made our self or do we have to go through you?
Either! You can place an order through me + my amazing pro lab; but you are certainly more than welcome to take your Wedding USB and have your own prints made at a local store of your choosing (such as Blacks, Walmart etc.). However I cannot guarantee the quality and outcome of those prints.


We want certain poses; can we give you a shot list or show you our Pinterest board?
Sure! If you have a few specific ideas, please feel free to share them with me, and I will make every effort to bring those ideas to life. While I cannot guarantee we will get to every pose on a list, I will certainly do my best if you have a couple favorites! Ultimately though, it’s extremely important to know that photos you see online are unique to whatever the surroundings + lighting were at the time. So it’s essential that you love your Photographers artistic style and to trust that they will document your day beautifully! I do also send out a form before your big day, that allows you to provide a list of ‘Must Have Shots’ for family formal pictures etc.


What is an ‘Unplugged Wedding’? I hear it is beneficial but I don’t know what it is?
An unplugged wedding is essentially a wedding without cellphones, cameras and iPads. You’ve invited your guests to come celebrate with you, not live behind their devices. So kindly ask them to put away their phones & cameras and just enjoy your celebration in real-time, with their own two eyes. Implementing this rule is most crucial during key times of the day, like the first kiss, the first dance and cake cutting. Multiple flashes and bright screens from all those devices can seriously intervene with my photography. Which ultimately means, it ruins your professional photos. So reminding guests, that’s why you’ve hired me, will allow them to take a step back and let me capture those moments beautifully!

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