Hi, I'm Sarah

Here is my story

I have been a Wedding Photographer for nearly 10 years; and have had the blessing of capturing some of the most beautiful & truly special moments in peoples lives. Over the past 10 years I have had 2 children, traveled, changed my life path and pursued new dreams. I am a believer that people should truly follow their hearts and bring romance into every area of their life. I love my job and feel so honoured to capture such special memories.

My Vision

Photography is Poetry

Seeing life through a lens has become my way of documenting love. I see beauty in the simplest things. A soft petal, two hands touching, or ripples across the water. Capturing the in between moments is what speaks to me. It's poetry in motion.

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“We all just want that simple love. One person to see the best in us, and the worst in us ...
yet still want to stay”